There is a very familiar saying which states:  "You can't really understand another person's experience until you've walked a mile in their shoes."  At MANNA Worldwide, we want you to experience what it would be like to walk in the shoes of one of our children.  We know that if you can see what they see, smell what they smell, taste what they taste and touch what they touch, you will have a greater understanding of their daily struggle to survive.

Awareness is our greatest weapon in the fight against poverty.  As more people become aware, the more children we will be able to reach. 

  • Last year MANNA took people just like you on 73 individual trips to visit our projects around the world.  And on every one of those trips, people came home changed, their hearts touched by a child they encounteded on a trip.
  • All our trips are usually 7 to 10 days.  We run trips year round, but the bulk of these take place from spring through fall.
  • We attempt to schedule trips to visit as many different projects and locations as possible, thus providing you with a wide array of experiences and locations to choose from.


For more detailed info about traveling with MANNA, check out our FAQ Page.

To see a current list of upcoming trips, check our our Trip Page.

Upcoming Trips

On average MANNA runs over 80 trips a year to visit our projects around the world.  If you are interested in traveling with us, find out what trips we have scheduled and the available dates.

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Tour Our Projects

MANNA Worldwide has a passion for helping needy children around the world. Our objective is not only to feed them for a season, but to develop communities toward a more complete way of life.

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MANNA Worldwide is a non-profit organization which
raises funds to care for needy children around the world.

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