Shoe Unto Others

Picture of children wearing new MANNA shoes.

Shoe Unto Others is a program designed to give children of developing nations, a new pair of shoes.  There is a common thread among the least fortunate of these countries, the children most always lack adequate footwear.  Often these children go barefoot.

At MANNA Worldwide we recognize the health implications that can arise simply from a lack of footwear. 

  • It is estimated that nearly one million die each year as a result of soil-transmitted illnesses and foot-borne diseases.
  • Hookworms and other parasites enter through the foot.
  • A pair of shoes prevents cuts and sores which can become life threatening if infected.

Each year MANNA places thousands of shoes on the feet of children around the world.  If you are an individual or a group interested in traveling with MANNA, Shoe Unto Others has been designed as a fundraising opportunity to help offset the cost of your trip and allow you to experience the joy of giving a child a new pair of shoes.  For more information about this fundraising opportunity, click the red "SUO info packet" button.

  Link button to order fundraising kit for the Shoe Unto Others program.